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Wild Rice (Zizania Aquatica) is not really a rice; it is a seed from an Aquatic Grass. Wild Rice was important to the survival of many tribes in the upper Midwest. The harsh Winters of Minnesota made hunting and fishing difficult and Wild Rice was often the subsistence food for entire tribes. Wild Rice is very dark brown to black in color. Our  Wild Rice is great in casseroles or salads.

Suggested Use:
The high price of Wild Rice usually makes it a featured part of a menu. The Rice has a chewy, nutty flavor. Wild Rice is often served with game, such as venison or pheasant. Wild Rice and Wild Mushrooms are also a great combination in soups or pilaf. Cooked with Cranberries, Wild Rice makes a great side dish.



1 lbs. - $ 6.35

3 lbs. - $ 17.95

5 lbs. - $ 27.95

10 lbs. - $ 51.95

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